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Wimba Create

Wimba Create (formerly known as Course Genie) is a quick and simple to use Microsoft Word add-in tool that allows you to take content from a document and convert it into an online package, which you can then upload to Blackboard. Using  this  tool you will be able to create approachable content areas with embedded videos and quiz content.

How do I install Wimba?

Wimba Create is available to all staff through Application Explorer, which appears on the desktop of all University PCs.

Open Application Explorer, double click on the Wimba Create 2.6.1s – Install then select the Install button. The Wimba Create add-on should then become available within a few minutes.

Wimba Create will work with both Word 2013 and Word 2016.

How do I activate the Wimba Create add-on?

Once Wimba is installed on your computer, open the Word document you wish to convert. Upon opening the document, Word should advise you to enable macros. You must do this before you can begin using Wimba Create. Upon opening a document in Word, you should see the enable macros  pop  up on the tool bar, as below. Simply click the Enable Content button to enable the content.

If the enable content option does not pop up, you can enable macros by going to File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Macro Settings and making sure that Disable all macros without notification is selected. This will then force the enable content pop up to  appear  upon opening a document.

Once macros have been enabled, select the Add-Ins tab on the right hand side of the Office ribbon and you will see the Wimba Create add-in listed on the left hand side of the ribbon. Select this option and click Start Wimba Create. You will then see the pop up below. Click OK and Wimba Create will be ready to use.

How do I use Wimba?

Wimba works using built in Styles, which you will find on the Home tab under Styles. These styles allow you to transform your document into an online content package. Details of how to apply these styles and generate your content package can be found in the video below.  Further information can be found in our 'How to use Wimba' user guide.


How do I edit a Wimba Create area within Blackboard?

To edit a Wimba Create area you will require the original uploaded file. You can then open it within Word, make the necessary changes, generate the course and add to your Blackboard site (see user guide for details). If you do not have this file the area will need to be recreated. The Digital Skills  team  will be able to assist you with this.

What kind of support or training is available for Wimba Create?

The Digital Skills team can support you with creating Wimba Create area, linking them to sites and copying them over to new modules. We don’t offer formalised training sessions but are happy to arrange one to one support, either in the Digital Skills office or in your workspace.

What do I do if I see the error message below when generating a course?

Follow the instructions on the error message to rectify this issue. If you are having difficulty with this or require guidance, please contact the Digital Skills team.