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Interesting Innovations

This page simply contains some examples for free tools that you can use with students and examples of what can be done. Just as some tools are embedded into this web page, students and staff can very easily embed tools into Blackboard using the text editor e.g. in a wiki, or share the tools in other ways via links.

JISC provides digital solutions for UK education and research. Many free learning and teaching resources are available via the JISC website which contains the UK’s largest repository for discovering and sharing Open Educational Resources for higher and further education. If you are looking for  learning  and  teaching  resources  these  two websites will be a great starting point for staff.

Open Apps and resources

Digital resources


This tool allows students (or staff) to create their own formative learning tools. Below is a flashcard example. The act of creating questions and using and feeding back on materials that other people have created helps to embed knowledge and collaborative learning.

Example flash cards

Flash Card Deck created by andrea.leyden with GoConqr


Padlet is a pinboard that can be used individually or collaboratively. It's a great way for students to share and comment on thoughts and ideas.

Example Padlet wall