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eAssessment Tools

Turnitin is a UK based, online text matching tool widely used in the sector as a student learning tool and for plagiarism detection. The tool allows for e-submission of coursework with receipting, checks against a database of resources including books, internet sites and previously submitted students work for originality and has functionalities which allow tutors to mark and give feedback online.

2018 Turnitin Updates

If your module contains Turnitin Submission areas and has rolled over, you will need to use the new Recycle tool to set submission areas up for the new academic year. This one page guide explains how the Recycling tool works.

Students can now submit work to see an Originality Report up to three times in 24 hours.

It is essential, for governance purposes that e-submission folders are set up correctly. All summative assessments should sit within the Assessments area on the Course Menu and within an assignment folder which shows the Student Declaration.                                

Click on the link to access the user guide to setting up eSubmission Areas

Text for the Student Declaration.                                

The majority of text-based assessments will be submitted using Turnitin, which provides a text matching tool supporting students in checking their citations/references, and an e-marking tool for staff.                                

For non text-based assessments (e.g. presentations, portfolios etc.) or where files may be larger than the Turnitin limit (>20mb), it is appropriate to use the Blackboard Assignment Tool. For video/audio submissions we use our streaming media server and this needs to be set up by the digital skills          team.          Also,          there          may be collaborative assessments where another Blackboard tool, such as a Wiki,Blog, or Discussion Board will be appropriate, or quiz type assessments where a Test would be appropriate.                                

Click on the link to access the guide on choosing the right eSubmission tool

What is Turnitin?                                

Turnitin is a UK based online service widely used in the sector as a student learning tool. Turnitin allows for e-submission of assessments with built in receipting. Turnitin checks submissions for originality against a database of resources, including previously submitted student work.                                

Turnitin also includes GradeMark allowing staff to mark and give feedback electronically. This user guide will take you through how to create FINAL and DRAFT e-Submission areas.                                

Click on the link to access the User guide for setting up a Turnitin eSubmission Area

Click on the link to access the Turnitin Rubric guide

If Turnitin is not the appropriate tool for e-submission, consider using the Blackboard Assignment Tool.                                

Click on the link to access the User guide for setting up an eSubmission area using the Blackboard Assignment tool.

Is your eSubmission area set up correctly?                                        

Click on the link to access a simple 10 step checklist to help ensure that you haven't forgotten anything.                                

Where there is no work being submitted electronically, for example a physical article or a presentation, the instructor will need to create a column in the Blackboard Grade Center where marks can be entered and feedback attached. Marks and feedback should then be released to students 15 days after the          due          date          via          Blackboard Grades.                                

Click on the link to view the user guide: Creating a column in the Grade Centre

Instructors can mark student papers from any computer with internet access using the Turnitin GradeMark tool.                                

Marking submissions in Turnitin guide.

Using an iPad

There is a Turnitin app for iPads, which seamlessly integrates all the marking and feedback tools and synchronises assignments in Blackboard, allowing you to mark using the tablet with or without a live internet connection.                                


You must make sure that your iPad is secured with a passcode if you are using the Turnitin marking app. For additional security, the app will also ask you to set a passcode each time you access a new assignment.                                

After downloading the Turnitin App from your App Store, you will need a unique class access code in order to log in to your assignments on Turnitin for iPad.                                

The first time you use the app

You need to change the source setting on Turnitin for iPad to point to TurnitinUK. To change Turnitin for iPad’s source setting:                                

  1. Open Settings on your iPad.                                        
  2. Scroll down to Turnitin.                                        
  3. Tap the Turnitin line.                                        
  4. Tap the "Service" field.                                        
  5. Tap TurnitinUK.                                        
  6. Exit settings, you should now be able to log in.                                        

You will only need to change this setting once. The app will remember your Root URL setting should you need to log out and log back in to Turnitin for iPad.                                

Access the assessment you want to mark

You will need to access the Turnitin submission area using a computer and generate a unique class access code:                                

  1. From your computer, sign into Blackboard and access the Turnitin submission area by going to 'Course Tools' and choosing "TurnitinUK Assignments"                                        
  2. Open any piece of work in a Final Submission area. This will open the assignment ready for marking.                                        
  3. Click on the iPad access button in the lower left - it's the one to the right of the small printer icon.                                        
  4. Click “Generate code”                                        
  5. The unique class access code will be displayed.                                        
  6. On your iPad, tap the “Access Code” button on the Turnitin for iPad app login screen                                        
  7. Type in the class access code you have generated.                                        
  8. Tap “Add”                                        
  9. Once you have access to the list of assignments, you can add comments and grades just as you would from a normal PC.                                        

When you open the marking app for the first time, you will be offered a shorton screen tutorial, which shows you how to mark assignments with the app.                                

Turnitin also offer substantial online support for the app:

  • Governance web pages, Academic Handbook
  • The Library provide support to students in using Turnitin.                                        
  • Academic Development at Salford for more support on designing effective formative and summative assessment          

Turnitin has changed.                                

The new Turnitin release includes a new marking screen and they have also updated the way that you create and manage assignments.                                

Turnitin Feedback Studio Walkthrough from Turnitin on Vimeo.                                

For Assignments created prior to 14th July

These assignments can be accessed in the previous way. When an assignment is loaded you will be presented with the new marking screen. Until the first of August you do have the option to revert back to the old marking screen- this is via the 'Return to Turnitin Classic' button at the bottom of the marking screen. This is only available until the 1st August.                                

For Assignments created after the 14th July

Assignments are created using the Turnitin Direct button within a content area (whilst in edit mode). The creation screen has changed but the settings are very similar. There is no longer a Turnitin Assignment link within course tools under the control panel, and assignments must be accessed either via the Grade Centre          or via the assessment submission area. When an assignment is loaded you will be presented with the new marking screen.;                


Creating a Turnitin Submission Area

Marking submissions in Turnitin guide

Where to get help

The Digital Skills Team are available to help with eAssessment, choosing which eSubmission tool to use or how to set the tools up. It is always best to check when you are setting eSubmission up and avoid problems later down the line when students are submitting. If you get in touch, a trainer will happily look through your module to check that your setup is correct. 

t: 0161 295 6682