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Blackboard is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and is used by staff and students to support learning. Amongst other things, students use Blackboard for collaboration, to access learning materials and for eAssessment.

Each academic module has a Blackboard module attached to it. Students are automatically enrolled on Blackboard courses each semester.


First of all, contact the Module Leader and they will be able to add you to the module.        

If you cannot contact the Module Leader, or it is a brand new module and you are the Module Leader, contact the Staff Digital skills Team by the exact title and module ID of the module.        

Once you have updated the module content and assignments, you can make the module available by:        

  • Go into the module you want to make available          
  • From the Control Panel select Customisation
  • Select Properties
  • Under SET AVAILABILITY, change the option to Yes

It is simple to move or copy an individual piece of content from one module to another.        

  • Ensure Edit Mode is On          
  • Move your mouse over the title of the content item, a drop-down menu arrow will appear          
  • Select Move (or Copy)          
  • Choose the Destination course from the drop-down list          
  • Click the Browse... button to select the destination folder          
  • Click the Submit button

To move whole content areas or tool areas such as Staff Information or Announcements, you can export elements from one module to another. This simple guide gives you step-by-step instructions on exporting and importing in Blackboard.

Getting My Module Ready

To ensure your Blackboard module is ready for students, we have developed a checklist for you to use. The checklist is not a comprehensive guide to everything that a successful module should include, it is a prompt to help you make sure you don't forget some of the essentials.
View the Checklist...

At Salford, there is a minimum level of provision required for each Blackboard module, providing our students with what they will need to support them in their studies. Each module should contain the following menu items for key information:

  • Staff Information
  • Announcements
  • Module Information
  • Learning Materials
  • Reading Lists
  • Assessments
  • My Grades

A description of each, along with an explanation as to what you would provide under each menu item is detailed in the University of Salford Standards for Blackboard Modules .

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a free App which gives staff and students a user-friendly way to access their modules on a smartphone or tablet.

How do I download the App

Choose the link below for your mobile device and install the App


Once Blackboard Mobile Learn is installed, search for University of Salford using the search bar that automatically appears when you open the App

Select University of Salford
Login using the same username and password you normally use to access Blackboard

What can I do with the App?

Do I have to redesign my modules for mobile?

No, The App simply gives you and your students an easier way to view Blackboard from a mobile device.
The features available in the App depend on the mobile device you are using. We have started collecting these nuances in the Staff User Guides Android / Apple.

Additional Resources

A selection of Resources for Staff on how to make the best use of Mobile Learn, including the Best practice for mobile (PDF) are available from this website as are a selection of Resources for Students.

What else can I do in Blackboard?  

We have developed a further template that supports you in structuring your Learning Materials. More information will follow online soon, if you would like early access, please email a request to        

There are several exciting new features in Blackboard following the July 15 upgrade. A key feature is the new Student Preview, which allows instructors to use the Blackboard module including assessments and My Grades as a student.        

Find out more...

Collaborate is a live virtual classroom. Many colleagues are using Collaborate to offer students flexibility in the way they engage. Collaborate offers many useful features, such as breakout rooms for small group learning, and live polling to add interaction. Collaborate is also being used for personal tutoring sessions and placement visits.        

Find out more...

Blackboard can host a variety of different types of content. Video can be simple but effective way of engaging your students with information, whether it is something you have created yourself or found on a website such as Youtube. Our Creating Videos webpage will guide you through some of the options available to you.        

Is there a feature that you would like to see in Blackboard? Let us know what you need and we will see whether there is an add-in to help you. Either post what you need on the board below or email us at

Where to get help

The QEO Digital Skills Team provide full support with Blackboard, from how to upload content to how to create engaging online activities and offer flexible ways to learn.

Introduction to Blackboard and eAssessment Workshops via the Workshops & Events button on the right.

Online Blackboard training and support is available via the Blackboard Training Site in Blackboard.

Contact the Digital Skills team (contact details on the right of the page).

TEL Champions

TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) Champions are academic staff located within schools who can offer help and support if you are thinking about using technologies with students. TEL Champions are there to share ideas and experience, click here to find the TEL Champions for your school.