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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 provides a digital, business environment bringing calendars, files and conversations together, making them easier to access and engage with from wherever you happen to be. Over time, Office 365 will transform how we work, for example reducing the number of emails we send internally and increasing the number of meetings we hold online.

  • Individuals can work more flexibly    
  • Teams can build the digital environment they need to collaborate    
  • Systems can be built in Office 365 to support our workflows and processes—contact Staff Digital Skills for advice.    

Work Anywhere

Login to to access your files (OneDrive), emails and chats in one place.

Use OneDrive, your personal filestore space with up to 1terrabyte of storage space.

Download the Office suite on up to 5 machines.

Use Chat with colleagues instead of endless, short emails.

You have the option to install apps and use Office 365 on your mobile devices.

Collaborate Easily

Share and edit files easily.

Collaborate and edit a document live with other people.

Build a collaborative area for your team (using Teams), including integrated chat functionality, instant virtual meetings and easy file sharing options and links.

Use other Integrated Apps

A range of additional apps offer functionality, for example being able to quickly gather data in forms, plan project activity in Planner or take bookings in Bookings.

Support available

We offer a range of Get Started and further workshops, which can be booked via Salford Advantage login and search for Office 365.

Talk to us about bespoke training/support for your team/department, running a dropin in your area or advice if you are looking to setup systems or workflows.

Go to to login to your Office 365.

Accessible Document & Presentation Files    

This is a brief guide on how to make your documents and presentation files more accessible.    

Accessible Learning Material.