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Digital Skills Month

Staff Digital Skills Month

The QEO Digital Skills team will be running a range of workshops for staff throughout June and into July. The workshops will help staff develop the key digital skills which are essential for engaging and working in the world today.

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You will need to login to Salford Career Hub (Advantage) using a network username and password to view and book the workshops.

View all workshops listed by date.

Workshop Description Dates

Basic Digital Skills

Do you know where your files go when you download them? Can you choose and use different apps? This is a simple overview of the fundamentals you need to engage in the world today. Basic Skills
Dates & Book

Introduction to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a great tool for presenting and sharing information. If you don't use the PowerPoint specific tools, like slides, themes and animations then this is the workshop for you.

PowerPoint Workshops
Dates & Book

Creating Engaging PowerPoint Presentations 

Avoid 'Death by PowerPoint' by using some simple features to engage your audience.

Introduction to ScreenCastOMatic

How to use ScreenCastOMatic, a simple tool that lets you record your screen and webcam to make videos.

Video Workshops
Dates & Book

Tour of the recording booths 

Make a quick visit to the recording booths with Pete and find out how to use them. (You will also need to know how to use ScreenCastOMatic.)

Using Word Effectively 

Save time and make working easier by learning how to use a range of helpful tools people often don't know about.

Word Workshops
Dates & Book

Mail Merges
(delivered online) 

Maill merge helps you create personalised content from a list. For example send personalised letters or emails from a list of names and addresses.

Creating Accessible Documents
(delivered online)  

Making your documents accessible benefits everybody who uses it. This workshop explains what makes a document accessible and how to use the tools in Word to do this.


Microsoft OneNote is an intelligent note taking and filing system for organising, categorising lists, tasks and information and tasks. It’s simple, flexible, and works well with other programs.

OneNote Workshops
Dates & Book

Introduction to Excel

An overview of what Excel is and how you can use it to organise and present data. This is an introductory workshop for new users.

Excel Workshops
Dates & Book

Excel Tables, Charts & Function

A deeper look at some of the main Excel tools for users who can work with a spreadsheet but would like to do more.

Analysing Data in Excel 

An introduction to the tools and functions in Excel useful for analysing data.

Excel Pivot Tables
(delivered online) 

Pivot Tables are fantastic for exploring data from different angles. whether you are producing reports from your data or looking for trends, this is an excellent tool that all Excel users should know about.

Excel Macro Recorder
(delivered online) 

Automate repetitive tasks by recording a macro with the Macro Recorder in Microsoft Excel.

Introduction to SharePoint 

If you are new to SharePoint, find out how to navigate the interface and how to add introducing them to the basics of navigating around SharePoint and adding basic apps. SharePoint Dates & Book

View all workshops listed by date.

Recording Booths Launched

The new recording booths are setup with the lighting and equipment you need to walk in and record your videos. The bookable booths are located on the 9th floor of Maxwell building and you can book a recording booth tour as part of Digital Skills Month.

You will also need to know how to use ScreenCastOMatic to create videos in the booths. Find out more about the booths.

The Staff Digital Skills Trainers

Matthew West

Matthew West                

Denis Chambers

Denis Chambers                

Image of Peter Unsworth

Peter Unsworth        

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Contact the team directly, Email: or call us on 0161 29 56682.