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Programme Monitoring and Enhancement Procedure (PMEP)

Introduction to the Programme Monitoring & Enhancement Procedure

The Programme Monitoring & Enhancement Procedure (PMEP) is the University’s process for:

  • Monitoring and reviewing of alignment of programmes with UK threshold academic standards and University’s own standards.  
  • Regularly reviewing programmes to see how they can be changed to enhance the student experience.  

It has been developed to be flexible (to suit the increasing number of non-standard delivery modes), to respond to information as soon as it becomes available, and be action-orientated. The approach also embeds the national sector expectations that are key to our institutional processes.

The procedure applies to all non-collaborative programmes and has two key elements, the PMEP Qlikview screens and the Programme Action Log (PAL). The Programme Action Logs can be found on SharePoint ( along with supporting information.

The full Programme Monitoring & Enhancement Procedure can be found following this link.  For further information, please view the introductory screencast.

For information on PMEP Deadlines for 2017/18 please follow this link.

Changes for 2017/18

Following a review, we have made some minor changes to PMEP data and deadlines. The most significant of these changes is the reduction from five to four review points for Programme Leaders, with the removal of the October deadline. A summary of the months where there is a PMEP deadline is shown in table  below. It is important to note that, as always, deadlines are end points and Programme Leaders and Directors are encouraged to complete the work well in advance of the deadline.

pmep table

It should also be noted that under the PMEP procedure, Programme Leaders are not required to add an action for every set of data they review. Actions should only be added when there is a clear need for a response to the data.

PMEP Training

We offer a several face-to- face training sessions covering different aspects of PMEP for Programme Leaders and Directors.

Book on a PMEP Training Session

If you are a member of staff who has been allocated actions in a PAL, you will receive an email containing a link  to the relevant action. Please see here (log in required) for guidance on how to update the action.


You should attend the following sessions:                

  • PMEP Programme Leader Training – An Introduction to PMEP                    
  • PMEP Online Programme Action Logs                    
  • PMEP Programme Leader Training                    

You should also watch the following videos:                

In addition, you are encouraged to attend the PMEP - High Quality Action Planning Training.                

Book on a PMEP Training Session

You should attend the Programme Leader Training and PMEP – Training for Directors of Directorates.                

You should also watch the following videos:                

In addition, you are encouraged to attend the PMEP - High Quality Action Planning Training.

Book on a PMEP Training Session

Assuming you have already completed basic PMEP training, you should attend the new PMEP Online Programme Action Log session.                  

In addition you are encouraged to attend the PMEP - High Quality Action Planning Training if you have not already done so.                

Book on a PMEP Training Session

Assuming you have already completed basic PMEP training and Training for for Directors, you should attend the new PMEP Online Programme Action Log session.                  

In addition you are encouraged to attend the PMEP - High Quality Action Planning Training if you have not already done so.                

Book on a PMEP Training Session

As a member of a programme team you may be given actions to complete as part of the Programme Action Log. The Programme Leader will brief you about the action required, then add it to the Action Log. You will receive an email detailing the task at hand.        

At this point, you will be responsible for updating and completing the action, as detailed in the action log. There will be a deadline and you should keep in close contact with the programme leader while completing the action.        

Details of how to edit an assigned action are available here.        

You will not be able to create new actions, or edit actions that are not assigned to you.                

Programme Action Logs can be found on SharePoint. They can also be accessed directly from a notification email you have received, or through the University Online Portal.  

You can navigate directly to the site using the following URL:

Further information can be viewed in our Logging In Screencast. No sound is required.

Programme Leaders can access performance data in QlikView (see: (it's useful to bookmark this!)). These screens present Programme Leaders with standardised views of the programme information. These should inform discussions in Programme Teams about their programme's performance and the extent to which Academic Standards are being met.                

Key Screens                

  • Programme Group Reporting - This is where Programme Leaders access the performance data for their programme.                    
  • PMEP Summary Reporting - This is where summary information and comments from Programme Directors is collated for review by School Executive and SELTEC.                    
  • Module Board - This is where Module Leaders can access data about their specific modules.                    

As part of the PMEP,  Programme Leaders  are encouraged to frequently review the performance information in relation to their programme as shown in QlikView and other sources. Programme Leaders are also expected to keep Programme Action Logs up to date in terms of recording progress with delivering actions. As a minimum they are required to review the information five times a year. The deadlines or “census” dates by when Programme Leaders should have looked at the information varies depending on whether the programme is postgraduate or undergraduate. The census dates and deadlines are here. These dates apply to programmes which fit the standard or traditional delivery model of September starts (and to a certain extent those programmes which also have a January start). For programmes that do not fit this model, for example programmes with multiple intakes  and/or block delivery, Schools may choose to set slightly different census dates for these non-standard programmes as applicable.                

An Excel document detailing the PMEP census dates and deadlines for each year is available here.  PMEP database files have also been developed which will allow you to insert the key PMEP dates into your Outlook calendar (click here for Programme Directors and here for Programme Leaders). We have included the deadlines for each census check as well as 3 week and 6 week reminders prior to these deadlines. This will give you a helpful indication of when you need to be looking at the data and what you should be looking at.                

An effective Programme Action Log should provide a solid framework to prioritise, track and review the performance of the programme and also the development work required to enhance the programme and ensure Academic Standards are met.                

PALs should:                

-  Be a collaborative document. Responsibility for Programme Action Logs lies with Programme Leaders, but actions will be allocated across programme teams and professional services.                  

-  Be consistent with the School and University operational and strategic plans.                

-  Focus on major issues central ensuring Academic Standards are met and to enhancing learning and teaching experiences These may be issues raised by, for example (as applicable):                

  • National Student Survey (NSS)                    
  • Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE)                    
  • Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)                    
  • External Examiners                    
  • Staff Student Committee                    

-  Capture ideas for both programme development or amendments and the dissemination of good practice.                

-  Have targets which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART targets).*Include success criteria that will determine the extent to which each target has been achieved.                

-  Have each action allocated to one individual with overall responsibility to ensuring it is delivered.                

-  Be regularly reviewed (at least five times a year) by Directorate Leads and all staff involved in delivering actions.                

Please note that Programme Action Logs are, in effect,  public documents: all staff and students will have read-only access to them. This should be borne in mind when entering information into the Action Log.

Programme Action Logs are reviewed by Programme Directors or equivalent. A PMEP School Management report is collated from all the Programme Directors' evaluation of the PALs. Directors are asked to answer four questions about PALs:                

  • Is the PAL up to date?                    
  • How likely are the proposed actions to deliver desired improvements?                    
  • To what extent have actions been delivered on time and as planned?                    
  • Is there good practice that should be shared?                    

Directors are also encouraged to provide brief feedback explaining their answers in a "comments" section of the online form they use to submit their evaluation. For more information about how the Directors' reports are collated and what the Directors are asked to take into consideration when answering the four questions, see the Directors' Screencast.                

The PMEP School Management Reports and School Action Logs are then reviewed at School Executive and at the Student Experience, Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee (SELTEC).

Key contacts

Hayley Winder, Quality & Enhancement Office, Ext 56971

Helen Sharman, Quality & Enhancement Office, Ext 56879

Heather Butters, Student Administration-Analysis, Ext 56851