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Process for Recruiting an External Examiner

If you wish to recruit somebody from Northumbria University or Coventry University as an external examiner please contact us at The University currently has several external examiners from each of these institutions and we are trying not to recruit further external examiners from these institutions.

Step 1 – Advertise

The programme leader approaches potentially interested persons or advertises on a suitable forum e.g. JISCMail.

Please click here for template advert text which you can amend and use.

Step 2 - Check for conflicts of interest

Once you have a candidate(s), please check the list of current external examiners which is available on Blackboard to see which institutions your current external examiners are drawn from.  A candidate should not be put forward if they are in the same subject area at the same institution as any current external examiners or the outgoing external examiner.

Other potential conflicts of interest to check for are listed on the application and approval forms (available at the links below).

Step 3- Candidate completes the application form

The programme leader chooses the person they would like to appoint and sends  the application form to the person.

Step 4 - Programme Leader or Administrator completes the approval form

After the programme leader or administrator receives a completed application form, please complete the approval form

Step 5 - Seek approval for the candidate to be an external examiner

The programme leader or administrator sends both the application form and approval form to be signed off by both the ADA and Dean of School.

Step 6 - Send completed application form and approval form to the Quality and Enhancement Office

The school sends both completed forms to

Step 7 - Right to work in the UK Check

The Quality and Enhancement Office (QEO) will ask the candidate to submit original proof of the right to work in the UK.

Please note that you cannot ask the new external examiner to carry out any work until their right to work in the UK check is complete.

Step 8 - Candidate appointed

After the right to work check has been completed by the Quality and Enhancement Office (QEO), an email containing the appointment letter will be sent by QEO to the new external examiner confirming their appointment.  The programme leader or administrator will be copied in to this email.