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Senate - Terms of Reference and Membership

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The Senate is the academic authority of the University. It is responsible for the ‘planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the University’ within the overall framework of corporate strategy and policy approved by the Council.  

The primary duty of the Senate is to oversee the academic quality and standards of the University and to ensure that its academic activities, including mutually beneficial collaborations, flourish, develop and are enterprising in all aspects. The Senate has an important role in assuring the academic standards of its awards and the high quality of learning opportunities provided to students.  

The Senate will sustain the University’s distinctive integration of learning and teaching, research and innovation and academic enterprise.

Terms of Reference:

1)    To assure the quality of learning opportunities, academic practice and the student experience and promote their enhancement.
2)    To develop and promote research and innovation.
3)    To authorise academic regulations, policies and procedures.
4)    To regulate the admission, assessment and academic conduct of students and the award or withdrawal of credit and qualifications and related academic decisions.
5)    To oversee the approval, review and withdrawal of award and credit-bearing provision and related collaborative partnerships.
6)    To oversee audits of the operation of academic regulations, policies and procedures.
7)    To oversee the effectiveness of academic activities and entities and the University’s academic governance.
8)    To advise Council, through Executive, on the academic merits of the establishment or disestablishment of academic units of organisation.
9)    To advise Council and the Vice Chancellor on any matter under the terms of Clause 10c of the Charter.
10)  To establish committees and working groups necessary for the effective execution of Senate responsibilities.


Ex officio (12)

Vice Chancellor (Chair) 1
Deputy and Pro-Vice Chancellors 3
Deans of School 7
Dean of Students 1

University Staff (18)

Representatives from each School nominated by the Dean of School 2 per School
Student nominees of the Students’ Union Trustee Board 2

Students (3)

Nominees of the Students' Union Trustee Board from amongst the sabbatical officers 3

Total (33)

In attendance

Chief Operating Officer 1
Registrar 1
University Librarian 1

Serviced by the Quality and Enhancement Office

Frequency of Meetings:

At least three times per year.


Academic Standards And Quality Assurance Committee (ASQAC)
Student Experience, Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee (SELTEC)
Research and Enterprise Committee (REC)
Ethics Committee (EC)
Postgraduate Research Award Board (PRAB)