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Research and Enterprise Committee

About REC

The Research and Committee is responsible on behalf of Senate for policies, procedures, regulations and frameworks relating to:

  • the development and enhancement of research and enterprise;
  • the setting and maintenance of academic standards of research programmes leading to the University’s qualifications; and
  • the quality of postgraduate research student experience.

REC Business

The University’s Scheme for Academic Governance states that REC’s responsibilities are:

  1. To oversee the development, implementation and monitoring of the University Research and Enterprise strategy
  2. To determine and oversee the development of the Research Award Regulations.
  3. To determine policy and procedures and oversee arrangements for the approval, amendment, review and withdrawal of research degree programmes, including those involving collaboration with partner institutions.
  4. To monitor admissions to research degree programmes within Schools and any conditions upon or discretions accorded to candidates and the annual student progression and achievement;
  5. To oversee supervisory and assessment arrangements for candidates;
  6. To work in collaboration with other Senate committees to ensure a consistent approach to matters affecting students or research ethics.
  7. To monitor, analyse and disseminate outcomes from the postgraduate research student evaluation of their learning experience and to review the effectiveness and enhancement of mechanisms for collecting postgraduate research student feedback.
  8. To promote innovation and good practice in research and enterprise and to monitor and evaluate research initiatives across the University.
  9. To monitor and advise Senate on the development of staff research and enterprise activity and researcher development and the development of research leadership.
  10. To advise Senate on ways in which research and innovation can influence teaching.
  11. To facilitate the dissemination of good practice.
  12. To assist in the identification and referral of academic staff development needs.
  13. To consider and report to Senate on such matters as may be referred to the Committee.  

REC will make recommendations to the Senate on the following:

  1. The approval of any major new policy in relation to research degree policies and regulations.
  2. The approval of any amendments to the University’s Research and Enterprise Strategy

Click here for the full Terms of Reference and Membership.

Secretary to REC – to be confirmed by Research and Enterprise

Papers for consideration by the Committee must reach the Secretary at least two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of past REC meetings are available for download.

Dates of REC meetings for academic year 2017/18

22 November 2017

28 February 2018

23 May 2018

REC dates are included in the University of Salford Almanac available to all staff.