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About AASC

The Academic Audit Sub-Committee (AASC) advises the Academic Quality and Standards Committee (ASQAC) on the effectiveness of the University’s academic activities by undertaking academic audit on the operation of University academic regulations, policies and procedures and recommending improvements in quality processes where appropriate.

Through academic audit activities, the AASc will also promote enhancement of the student learning experience through the identification and dissemination of good practice across the University and its partner organisations.

AASC Business

The University’s Scheme for Academic Governance states that AASC’s responsibilities are:

  • To establish and conduct a rolling programme of thematic academic audits of matters relating to academic quality and standards and the enhancement of student learning experience as advised by the Committee. 
  • To commission independent advice on matters relating to academic quality and standards from external practitioners to establish benchmarks against which the University’s quality processes may be evaluated. 
  • To report to ASQAC on the outcome of academic audits and the implementation of any recommendations. 
  • To monitor action taken in the light of recommendations arising out of academic audits and dissemination of enhancement and to advise the relevant Committee accordingly.

Click here for the full Terms of Reference and Membership.

Secretary to AASC – Lynn Clarke, Quality & Enhancement Officer, Tel 0161 295 5670

Papers for consideration by the Committee must reach the Secretary at least two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered. 

Minutes of Meetings Minutes of past AASC meetings are available for download.

Dates of AASC meetings for academic year 2017/18 are as follows:

Weds 13 Sep 2017

Weds 10 Jan 2018

Weds 21 Mar 2018

Weds 6 June 2018

AASC dates are included in the University of Salford Almanac available to all staff.