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Academic Governance, Senate and Committees

The University’s Charter, Statutes and Ordinances set out the principal roles and responsibilities of governance and management, supporting the effectiveness of decision-making processes.

The University’s Charter established Council as the University’s supreme governing body with responsibility for the management and administration of the revenue and property of the University and for the conduct of the University’s affairs.

The Charter also established Senate as the “academic authority” of the University, reporting to Council, and the Statutes stipulated responsibility to Senate for “maintaining the academic quality and standards of the University”.

The Scheme of Academic Governance has incorporated a deliberative committee structure for the consideration of the academic standards of the University’s awards and the quality  of the student learning experience.   Within the Scheme, Senate has delegated responsibility from Council for functions relating to the planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of academic work of the University, or other functions, as it sees fit. 

From 2015/16, a Senate and its committees were revised to ensure they operated specifically as instruments of academic governance.  The Committees make decisions that grant authority, define expectations or verify performance, both in terms of the academic standards of the University’s  awards and the quality of the students’ learning opportunities.  They monitor and review the academic performance of the University and identify measures to enhance practice. 

There are six Standing Committees of Senate which place emphasis on the quality of the student experience and on enhancement through a drive for continual improvement and the sharing of good practice, as follows:

Additionally, the following Committees, Boards and Panels are responsible to Senate:

  • Academic Appeals Panels  
  • Boards of Examiners  
  • Disciplinary Panel  
  • Disciplinary Appeals Panel  
  • Fitness to Practise Panels  
  • Fitness to Practise Appeals Panels  
  • Student Support Funds Panel