Live Postgraduate Presentations

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Our virtual postgraduate presentations series have been designed to help guide you through the application journey for postgraduate study. Whether you need help selecting your subject area, submitting your application or securing funding, you will be able to receive the information and support you need to take your next step. 

Each session will last for around an hour and contain three separate 20-minute presentations focusing on a different element of postgraduate study. You will also get plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you have during and after the session.

You are more than welcome to join us for one or both of the sessions. You can select either one or both days on the booking form. 

The topics are listed below, if you would like any more details please contact us at

Subjects, Dates and Times

Introduction to Postgraduate Study
  • Wednesday 26 January 2022
  • 16:00 – 17:00 GMT


  • Why do a master's?
  • Finding your course.
  • Why Salford?


Direct applications, fees and funding, and what life as a PG Student is really like
  • Wednesday 2 February 2022
  • 16:00 – 17:00 GMT


  • Benefits of direct application.
  • Fees and funding.
  • Life as a master's student: Expectations vs reality.


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Presentations: Further Information

Introduction to PG Study – Finding your course and what the University of Salford can do for you.

  • Why do a masters
    • A brief overview of what students should look for when researching their degrees, types of programmes available and what the academic and professional benefits are.
  • Finding your course
    • A school-by-school overview, highlighting the courses available to both continuing and non-cognate students, with links provided to relevant course pages.
  • Why Salford
    • Find out what life as a PG student at the University of Salford is really like, the opportunities available to postgrad students and highlights of the support you can access.



Direct applications, fees and funding, and what life as a PG Student is really like

  • Benefits of direct application
    • An in-depth look at how to apply for a PG course, highlighting every step of the application process, including the differences from the undergraduate system, what a personal statement should include and how students can use the direct application to their benefit.
  • Finance
    • An overview of how fees work for postgraduate students, a comprehensive look at the postgraduate loan schemes and details on where else to look for funding.
  • Expectations vs Reality
    • This student-led session will let current PG students explain what drew them to PG study, what they were expecting from their course and what life as a PG student is really like.


If you've got a question about postgraduate degrees, we're here to help so please get in touch with our friendly team on or call +44 (0)161 295 4545.