Physics and Maths

For centuries, mathematics and physics have led to some of our greatest discoveries. But as technology rapidly disrupts our world, finding new solutions is more important than ever.

If your enquiring mind seeks answers, a degree in mathematics or physics with Salford is the start of an exciting journey where you can be a part of designing the future.

With our passion for problem-solving, combined with our industry-focused approach, we’re nurturing students equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in our changing world.

Undergraduate Mathematics and Physics Courses

Mathematics students working at computers

Designed around its practical applications, our mathematics course will develop your knowledge and enhance your problem-solving skills, giving you the experience to take into industry.  

If you find yourself asking why things are the way they are, and you’re driven to find the answers, our physics course will give you the knowledge, skills and approach to solve problems once you are working in industry.

Continue to question, research and discover. See where mathematics and physics could take you.