Dr. Safwan Umer

School of Science, Engineering and Environment

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Contact Details

Newton Room 225 

Office hours: 9am to 5pm


Current positions

Teaching Fellow


I am Safwan Umer, Data Science Teaching Fellow at the University of Salford in the School of Science, Engineering and Environment.

I have gained MSc. Databases and Web-Based Systems with distinction from the University of Salford in 2015. 

I began my career in the University of Salford Computer Science department as a Programme Tutor in January 2018. I also have around 5 years of industry experience as a Data Scientist and Software Engineer.

Areas of research

Data Mining, Knowledge Engineering, Data Science Predictive Analytics, Complex Network Mining, Heterogenous Network Analysis

Areas of supervision

Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Heterogenous Network Analysis, Machine Learning


  • Principles of Data Science
  • Data Mining and Machine learning
  • Databases
  • Big Data Tools and Techniques
  • Applied Statistics and Data Mining

Research Interests

My research interests are Heterogenous Network Analysis, Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and Data Mining.

Qualifications and Memberships


  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Salford
  • MSc. Databases and Web-Based Systems, University of Salford, 2015
  • MSc. Information Technology Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan, 2011