Dr. Frank van den Bosch

School of Science, Engineering and Environment

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Current positions

Post Doc Fellow


Undergraduate study in ecology and mathematical biology. PhD in mathematical biology, ‘The rate of spread of biological invaders’. Post-docs in plant disease epidemiology and aquatic ecology. Lecturer at Wageningen University in the Mathematics Department with a 50% teaching load. Transfer to Rothamsted Research in 2000, became a Principal Investigator. Since 2019 I am a Post Doctoral Fellow at Salford University.

Areas of research

Biomathematics, Invasion biology, Ecology, Modelling

Research Interests

  • Detection and control of biological invasions. Methods to monitor for invading species including early detection and the establishment of pathogen absence. Models to quantify the rate of invasion by pests and pathogens including new strains of endemic pests and pathogens.
  • Evolutionary ecology and population genetics. Methods to study how pathogen and host life-cycle components affect the evolution of plants and pathogens. The methods developed are applied to climate change, the use of fungicide s and cultivar resistance and the effect of seasonal host dynamics.


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