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We want you to know that we're still here to offer a helping virtual hand and can answer any questions you may have.

We're only an email away

Want to know more about a course module?  Keen to get the lowdown on which books to read over the summer? We might be working differently at the moment, but we've made sure to leave no question unanswered.

Although we can't meet face-to-face right now, you can still contact us about your chosen subject - we're only an email away.

General Admissions Questions Andrew Fleming A.J.Fleming@salford.ac.uk
Acoustics, Audio and Video Courses Phil Duncan P.J.Duncan@salford.ac.uk
Aeronautical Engineering Courses Phil Atcliffe P.A.Atcliffe@salford.ac.uk
Architecture Courses Tanja Poppelreuter T.Poppelreuter@salford.ac.uk
Biology Courses Michelle Oughterson S.M.Oughterson@salford.ac.uk
Biomedicine Courses Dave Greensmith D.J.Greensmith@salford.ac.uk
Chemistry Courses Joshua Lehr J.Lehr@salford.ac.uk
Civil Engineering Courses Wayne Wang Y.Wang@salford.ac.uk
Computing Courses Faiz Jethwa f.jethwa@salford.ac.uk
Construction and Quantity Surveying Courses Shaba Kolo S.Kolo1@salford.ac.uk
Electronic Engineering Courses Martin Hope M.D.Hope@salford.ac.uk
Geography and Environment Courses Neil Entwistle N.S.Entwistle@salford.ac.uk
Mathematics Courses Edmund Chadwick e.a.chadwick@salford.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Courses Henry Leonard H.Leonard@salford.ac.uk
Physics Courses Ian Morrison I.Morrison@salford.ac.uk
Software Engineering Julian Bass J.Bass@salford.ac.uk
Sound Engineering Duncan Williams D.A.H.Williams@salford.ac.uk
Surveying Courses Andrew Fleming A.J.Fleming@salford.ac.uk
Wildlife Courses Denise Thomasson D.Thomasson@salford.ac.uk

If you have questions about coming to the university during Covid-19, please visit our dedicated webpage.

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