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How can Octave be used?

Octave is the most flexible virtual teleconferencing facility of its kind. Its uses are many and varied, and include academic and medical research; prototyping for vehicle, architectural and building information modelling; safe recreation of dangerous environments for road and rail scenarios; testing of psychological hypotheses and managing experimental variables.

The vision, acoustic and haptic (touch) technology within Octave is so advanced, it is regularly used for ‘react as real’ situations for academic and industry research. This allows full immersive simulation of dangerous environments from within the safety of the Octave, allowing researchers to manage the environment and monitor responses.

The Octave’s advanced acoustic system is spread over 264 speakers, giving the user a full acoustic experience while they’re immersed in the images.

The overall effect is a compellingly real sensation of experiencing all the sights and sounds of another place, whether it’s the surface of Mars or the prototype of a new car.