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The University of Salford - a leading centre for virtual environment research

The university has a long history of research into the closely-related fields of robotics and virtual environments. We have been the home of a national research centre to co-ordinate and integrate developments in advanced robotic systems since 1988, and became a national industrial centre for virtual environments (NICVE) in 1999. We continue to lead the way in research and development of multi-modal immersive environments.

The Octave, built around four top end Nvidia graphics cards in a single workstation, was the first attempt at such an approach outside of the United States. Our design is now being rolled out across industry through our partners MiddleVR. It has also been singled out for praise from the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges, having saved 70 tonnes of carbon each year.

Octave is a research partner system to three of our major research and commercial facilities: the commercially-in-demand Acoustics Research Centre’s wavefield synthesis system; our Egg & Digital Performance Lab at Media City, home to the largest HD screen in Europe; and ThinkLab, our futuristic research centre used by organisations from around the world.