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The land where uncertainty reigns: General Election one year on

Thursday 7 June 2018

Premier "clinging to power" since June 8 snap election

Ben Williams, lecturer in politics at the University of Salford comments one year on from the General Election (June 8, 2017).

“Called by Theresa May to supposedly strengthen her position in Brexit negotiations,the 2017 General Election ended in a shock hung parliament.

Consequently, the past year’s political narrative has been one that few could have imagined before this earlier-than-needed vote; with a much-weakened Prime Minister propped up by the DUP, an ongoing government failure to articulate a coherent Brexit strategy, and an emboldened Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader.  

On a broader political level, the nation remains split over Brexit, a policy that seems to overshadow all others. Political processes appear destabilised, opinion polls deadlocked,and the government is struggling to get key legislation through Parliament and faces unforeseen difficulties on issues such as abortion law.  

Theresa May clings to power but remains highly vulnerable and weakened by the events of June 2017,with another general election persistently rumoured to be in the pipeline sooner rather than later. If nothing else, such political developments indicate that politics is anything but predictable, and that 'events' as Harold Macmillan once said, can make or break political careers.”