Success for Salford a boost for the region

Thursday 31 January 2019

LATEST figures have revealed that the University of Salford is among the fastest growing universities in the country and the fastest in the North West, providing a boost for the regional economy.

Released by UCAS today, the numbers show that over the last two years Salford has grown its intake by 16% - over 800 extra students, putting it among the best in the country as well as top of the North West. This growth has been achieved against a backdrop of falling student numbers across the country due to demographic trends. Seven of the region’s universities saw student numbers fall over the same period.

The success of Salford is positively impacting the regional economy, as much of that growth has come from outside the North West, meaning extra students bringing thousands of pounds to shops and businesses in the region. 

1 in 3 Salford graduates from outside the region also stay here once they finish their studies, adding to the regional talent pool and economy. 

Dr Sam Grogan, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience at Salford said: “We have worked hard to ensure our offer meets the needs of the students. Through our Industry Collaboration strategy we strive to provide an educational experience that gives our graduates the best chance of a successful career. We work closely and collaborate extensively with a range of businesses across sectors – from SMEs to multinational companies, to ensure that our teaching fills the skills gaps in our economy.

“We are seeing the fruits of those efforts in these figures. Against falling student numbers nationally, to see such an increase at Salford is great news for the University and for the region.”

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