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Samba Shakespeare wins sound award for Carlos

Wednesday 5 December 2018

THERE’s no business like showbusiness for audio engineering graduate Carlos Esteves.

The international student is taking the theatre by storm in his native Brazil, scooping the award for Best Sound Design in a musical in the country.

The “ReverĂȘncia” award for a pop version of Romeo &Juliet is Carlos’s third nomination at the annual awards - the most important in musical theatre in Brazil.

The show Romeu e Julieta ao Som de Marisa Monte toured Rio, Sao Paolo and other centres and won four awards in total, national press reported.

Reputation of Salford

Already a professional sound engineer, Carlos couldn’t find a higher degree in Brazil in the subject, so he came study MSc Audio Production at Salford – one of the leading centres for acoustics and audio education in Europe.

“My main concern was to find a place that had a tradition of academic research and education, so where better than Salford with its 60 year history in Audio and Acoustics,” the Brazilian said.

“Being involved with the various research projects conducted by the University definitely opened my mind to new paths and possibilities. For instance, I’m now planning the implementation of immersive 3D audio in live monitor mixes for the musicians, which is something I studied over there.

“It was great too mixing with students with various professional backgrounds, like film post-production, music, recording arts,live sound.

“We were given a lot of autonomy but could also find knowledgeable professors in each area to rely on.”

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