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Gender pay gap data

Thursday 5 April 2018

DR FRANCINE Morris, Head of Athena SWAN and Lecturer in People Management at the University of Salford, comments on the release of gender pay gap data, which companies above a certain size have to release by midnight last night.

Dr Morris said: “As organisations rush to file their gender pay gap data it will soon be time for us to consider what measures need to be taken to address why there is such disparity between women and men. 

“The data, which effectively names and shames organisations, will help us identify the worst offenders by sectors, industry and occupation. The figures will be useful in several ways. 

“First, they will identify the gendered nature of careers and career pathways that need addressing as early as at school. For example, Ryanair reporting a staggering 71.8% gap with highly paid pilot roles dominated by men, while air steward roles are dominated by women shows that more girls and women need access to careers professionals that are able to eradicate and challenge gender stereotypes. 

“Second, the data will empower women to reject organisations with poor gaps. 

“Third, organisations will be forced to take inclusion and diversity policies far more seriously. In particular, the introduction of practices that tackle gender career barriers such as flexible working practices, mentoring and fast track returnship programmes that will help women back on to career tracks with upward trajectories following maternity.”

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