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Gender pay gap

Wednesday 20 February 2019

AS early reporting shows the gender pay gap is increasing at many companies, an expert for the University of Salford says that better ways are needed to calculate inequality and ultimately to tackle it.

Dr Francine Morris, Lecturer in People Management at the Salford Business School, said gender pay gap statistics should be treated with caution. She added: “Today’s ‘pre-news’ on gender pay gap reporting reinforces concerns raised last year about how useful the measure is. 

"Commenting on annual swings is futile. A longer-term approach is needed to measure change, such as that proposed by the GM4WOMEN2028 group’s Pankhurst Fawcett Scorecard which advocates a ten-year plan. It has five indicators of gender equality; employment, participation, culture, education and safety for Greater Manchester. Gender pay would fall under the employment equality indicator.

“The group have asked for employer pledges to measure change, including gender pay, in Greater Manchester over ten years as we understand that change doesn’t happen overnight.”

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