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First Class Genes: The family celebrating a Salford Graduation for the 5th time

Friday 14 December 2018

THERE’S something in the water up in mid-Lancashire – and it appears to be coming from Salford!

Beryl and Ernie Marsden are coming back to campus for graduation for the 5th time to celebrate the success of grandson Ryan in his Masters degree.

It’s the second graduation they’ve attended for Ryan – who completed his undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering before choosing Salford again for the Masters in Petroleum and Mechanical Engineering.

They recently attended Ryan’s brother, Brett’s graduation in Accounting and Finance back in 2017, and came to both their sons’ graduations – Andrew (Ryan and Brett’s dad) and David (their uncle).

Andrew completed his degree in Civil Engineering and David’s graduation was in our renowned Quantity Surveying course.

Are you keeping up?

Because it doesn’t end there, Uncle Dave’s son Scott (Ryan’s cousin) is graduating next summer from a Masters in Engineering!

Six graduations, all at Salford is more than a pattern: “I don’t know what it is,” explains Ryan, 22. “Everyone was just really happy here.”

Beryl and Ernie may as well start living in Peel Park Quarter at this rate! Jokes aside, the grandparents are so proud of everything their Salford alumni boys have achieved.

Beryl said:

“It’s such a proud day, Ryan’s worked really hard and put so much work into this degree. He’s the first in the family to achieve a Masters, and he even got a distinction!”

“The campus has changed so much since we first came for Andrew and David’s graduations, it looks great.”

Ryan has already secured a job in his field of study, working as a Product Development Engineer at Trelleborg Offshore, an oil and gas exploration company in Lancashire. He said:

“It’s really special and means a lot to me that all my family were able to come and celebrate my graduation. I’ve been lucky enough to already get a job in my field so I’m grateful to Salford for giving me so many opportunities.”

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