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Financial Fraud tackled by new course

Tuesday 12 June 2018

A BRAND new course aimed at combating emerging forms of financial fraud has been launched by the University of Salford.

New technology means that fraud has changed and new opportunities for fraudsters have arisen. MSc Fraud and Risk Management, which starts this September, is part of a new suite of post-graduate programmes offered by the University of Salford Business School.  The course aims to train students to spot the latest forms of financial fraud, and assessing their risk, to prepare them for a career in the financial services.
Ghulam Sorwar, Professor in Finance at Salford, has helped to design the new course. The international finance expert said: “Fraud is becoming more complex all the time and we have seen with things like the Carillion situation that is can impact on many lives and reverberate throughout society.
“Carillion happened because of a lack of oversight from accountants and misreporting of figures, it should have been spotted much earlier that things were going wrong at the company.
“In recent years the nature of fraud has changed and the impact of information technology means that there are now opportunities to commit fraud that did not exist in the past. We will teach students about these using theoretical problems and also real world case studies.”
The exciting new programme aims to fill a gap where professional financial fraud is examined from different viewpoints including financial fraud, accounting fraud and banking fraud. It will provide students with an understanding of what motivates fraud and how to detect it. This course will prepare students to spot the latest fraud techniques, such as accounting fraud, IT issues and security issues.
As well as MSc Fraud and Risk Management, the business school is launching other new Master’s programmes for this September:

MSc in Professional Accounting
MSc International Human Resource Management and Development
MSc Finance and Investment Management
MSc Operations Management
MSc Digital Business
LLM Health Safety and Industrial Law
Dean of the Business School at the University of Salford, Professor Dave Spicer, said: “I’m excited to be introducing all these new courses. They will ensure that our portfolio of options for post graduate taught programmes is fully up to date. 
“Post Graduate students can be confident that when they come to Salford they get an education which will prepare them for all the challenges of the modern business world, putting them in a great place to boost their career or even launch a new one.”
For more information on these courses and all the post graduate programmes offered at Salford, as well as information on how to apply, see the website.

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