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Gatwick disruption could last a week

Thursday 20 December 2018

DR NEIL Robinson, travel and tourism expert for the University of Salford Business School says more regulation of drones is required as Gatwick Airport is closed.

Dr Robinson commented: “The delay is ongoing and at Christmas time this can be a major issue, the present disruption will have a knock-on effect for at least one week, with delayed flights being re-routed and flights cancelled. This will impact on business travellers, tourists and festive travellers a like.

“Drones flying over airports are an accident waiting to happen. 

“Recent events at UK airports have shown how drones can be a menace to the flying public, and this will possibly result in the downing of a passenger jet if not addressed immediately We have all seen what a bird strike can do, a drone strike would be catastrophic. 

“Legislation is needed, all users should be licensed to operate, fines should be much stricter including a minimum 5 yr prison sentence for users who allow drones to enter aviation airspace. 

“Technology can also be developed by airport operators to ensure that drones can’t enter the geographical proximity of an airports airspace. Education is also needed and users should be mandated to register their drones on a UK national register. 

“Happy holidays, let’s hope the events at Gatwick are a one off and don’t stop Santa from delivering his presents.” 

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