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Creative Duo spill the Sauce on Urban Culture

Friday 22 March 2019

A creative duo from The University of Salford are aiming to show a different side to society through a series of vlogs, interviews and music videos.

Graduates Rico Sorzano and Abubakar ‘AJ’ Jeylani and their business partner Wednesday have created Sauce Network to show what really goes on behind the scenes of productions such as music videos and fashion shoots.
Rico explained why he thinks it’s important to show the public what goes on behind the scenes. 
“I feel like a lot of people will only see the finished product these days because that’s what is being pushed in mass media. You can watch a music video and have no idea how it was made, no idea who is putting their time into making it, none of that process. Our videos show the personalities of the artists and the people they work with.”
The Launch @SalfordUni  business incubator at The University of Salford has supported Sauce Network by providing them with access to office space as well as masterclasses and one to one sessions with experienced entrepreneurs to help focus and build their businesses. Launch@SalfordUni is supported by the Business Growth Hub.
AJ said:
“Launch has helped us structure Sauce Network as a business, especially when it  comes to structuring the work and handling clients.
It’s helped a lot in terms of the funding as well, obviously we have a lot of ideas about what we want to do with the business but we can’t do it all straight away because we’ve only just graduated, but with the universities support we’ve been able to get out branding to the next level.”
Justyna Turner,  Incubation Manager at Launch said:

“It’s great to see how much Sauce have grown in the six months that they have been with us at Launch @SalfordUni . I’m sure they’ll go on to do great things after their experience and mentoring from the incubator.”

You can watch our interview with Sauce Network here.

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