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Changing face of the honeymoon

Wednesday 16 May 2018

AS PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle prepare for their wedding this Saturday, Professor Neil Robinson, tourism expert at the University of Salford Business school looks at how our taste for different types of honeymoon have changed over the years.

Professor Robinson said: “It’s honeymoon time, we have Harry and Meghan getting married this weekend and as an avid Royal watcher, I for one can’t wait.
“If we are to look historically at how honeymoons have changed over the years, it is clear it to see that the post wedding holidays have become a luxury enhanced social commodity, associated with opulence and possible one-upmanship. Gone are the days of a weekend break in Blackpool or even something more adventurous such as a week in Benidorm or Ibiza, people are now looking for high-end and in some cases long-haul destinations including the Far East, Africa and the Pacific Islands. 

“Indeed not only has destination choice changed, the activities whilst on Honeymoon have also expanded from a traditional knees up round the hotel pool / lying on the beach, to a full activity packed experience, made up of shopping, cultural events, gastronomic experiences and even some wildlife engagement. 

“As it happens Harry and Meghan plan to engage in a little Safari whilst on their honeymoon and who can blame them (interestingly Harry’s Grandmother, our present Queen, stayed in Kenya in a safari lodge (Treetops) whilst on an official visit with Prince Philip in 1952). Whilst Harry & Meghan might not be your typical honeymooning couple and I suspect will not be too concerned with the cost of excess baggage, such travel consumption patterns are becoming more and more the norm. Indeed such destination types are becoming increasingly popular due to the power of social media / the internet, higher disposable incomes and increased accessibility via land , sea and air. 

“Finally I wish Harry & Meghan well, have a wonderful day and great honeymoon, just one word of advice, don’t go doing what I did on my honeymoon and forget your Passport. Good luck Harry & Meghan, enjoy your wonderful day and honeymoon.”

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