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Callum on blocks for career in sport research

Monday 29 April 2019

UNDERGRADUATE sport science student Callum O’Malley has presented at his first major research conference.

The final-year student was funded by the University to attend the student section of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences conference (BASES) in Dundee, Scotland.

And it looks like the beginning of a great career in research as the 21-year-old Mancunian is now going on to read for a PhD.

Callum’s mentor and lecturer in sport psychology Dr Andrew Evans said: “Callum is a superb student who really loves his research. He applied himself to attend BASES and must have impressed because he was one of only 16 podium speakers over the two days.”

Done Salford proud

“I was quite lucky as I had requested to deliver my research as a presentation,” explains Callum. “Most others who were delivering their research this way were postgraduate students who were completing their Master’s or PhDs.

“Hopefully I did the university proud as my presentation went well. It was a great experience to meet some very like-minded people with the potential of collaborating in the future.”

Callum’s research explored how irrational and rational language concerning a netball task influences appraisal, physiology and performance among netball players but his doctorate will investigate 'The Physiological and Psychological Determinants of Self-Regulation/Pacing Strategies in Endurance  Events'.


“This is essential research into the process of how we pace ourselves over a long-duration event and ways in which we can manipulate conditions or train people both physically and mentally so that people don't quit during endurance events like Marathons,” he explained.

Callum, who is a keen climber, is due to graduate in BSc Sport Science in July 2019 and will read his PhD at the University of Kent.

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