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Business School module shortlisted for Guardian University Award

Friday 23 March 2018

AN innovative Professional Development module pioneered by the Business School has been shortlisted for a prestigious Guardian University Award.

The school took the decision in 2014 to boost student engagement in employability by launching a Professional Development module for second year undergraduates. The aim was to improve DLHE data for Business School by working closely with the careers service. 

The module was designed to ensure that students experience typical recruitment processes, while being provided with detailed guidance and support.

Every student was provided with a live job description appropriate to their course; this provided the context for their assessments.

These included a presentation of their strengths and competencies to be developed, a digital profile, a CV and covering letter, psychometric tests, an assessment centre, and a personal interview. The development of confidence was particularly important to students to achieve a ‘threshold’ of understanding of employability, a key concept that also informed the design. 

There was extensive use of a broad range of external organisations and professional services colleagues from within the University. They brought a huge range of knowledge, opportunities, advice and guidance, as well helping to deal with the massive challenge of assessment.

Student feedback was very positive;

“However it was thanks to this module that I gained a much better understanding of what employers are looking for and where I stand in comparison to that from the marks and feedback received… This proves to me I do have the experience and competencies sought after by employers. Realising this has really boosted my confidence,” said one participant.

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