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An easier way to a plant-based lifestyle

Wednesday 27 February 2019

SOURCING healthy vegan food that provides all the vitamins and nutrients a person needs can be complicated. Reading labels from every packet in the supermarket is time consuming.

But now a solution could be in sight thanks to a new company set up with help from the University of Salford., launched by student Candace James, aims to fill a gap in the market and provide easy access to vegan food, demand for which is growing all the time, especially in ‘Veganuary’. 

The web-based company, working in a similar way to other online food retailers such as Graze or HelloFresh, will allow users to sign up for its Vegaboxx product, featuring a selection of plant-based proteins, and have it delivered straight to their home.

Candace, who is studying for a PhD at Salford, said: “People are looking for ways to save time these days and that is where we come in. It can take ages in the supermarket, looking at all the labels to make sure you get all the goodness you need when you follow a vegan diet. But we have done all that work for you. 

“People just need to sign up at and they will get a box of plant-based proteins carefully balanced to give them everything they need, and delivered straight to their door.

“More and more people are becoming vegan or vegetarian as awareness grows about how damaging a meat-based diet can be. I’ve been vegan for a few years now so I know how hard it can be to make sure your health doesn’t suffer, to make sure you get all the vitamins and nutrients the body needs, I was spending hours shopping for food.

“That inspired me, I thought there must be a way of making this easier and that is where the Vegaboxx comes in. Plant based diets are becoming more common place and people are used to getting food delivered to their homes so this meets both needs. I have spent a lot of time learning about plant-based proteins to ensure that all our products are healthy.”

Vegapost is part of Launch@SalfordUni, an incubator aimed at giving entrepreneurial students all the support they need to get their business ides off the ground.

Candace added: “Without the help of Salford University I wouldn’t have been able to get this off the ground at all, I have been supported all the way through what has been quite a journey to get my business this far.”

Dave Spicer, Dean of the University of Salford Business School, which supports Launch@SalfordUni said: “This is yet another great business idea from one of our students. And Candace’s passion for her business is testament to her commitment and the entrepreneurial spirit in Salford that Launch@SalfordUni is seeking to support.

“The University of Salford aims to make sure our graduates leave us with the skills to succeed in whatever field they want when they leave us. This incubator is one way we show that commitment as we create the entrepreneurs of the future, people whose drive and ambition could create the jobs of the future and help support the region’s economy.”

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