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Tunisia terrorist attack inquest ends

Friday 3 March 2017

Tourism expert Neil Robinson comments as the inquest into the terrorist attack in Sousse in 2015, which left 30 Britons dead, comes to an end.

The outcome from the Tunisia inquest paints a shambolic picture of security provision at the Sousse resort. In total 38 people were killed in June 2015 in Sousse, Tunisia, with Police failings at the resort being pinpointed by the Corner at today’s hearing at the Royal Court of Justice in London. It would appear that security provision during the attack was at best woeful and whilst many of the locals did much to protect the tourists, those trained to prevent such an atrocity appeared ill prepared.  

Whilst it is easy to look back in hindsight, many of the tourist resorts globally will be reviewing their security provision in light of the security failing in Sousse and hoping that such an incident does not happen again. Looking towards the future, Sousse as a holiday resort will recover and travellers will return, as long as visitors feel reassured with the provision of security. Many resorts have over recent years started to employ security personnel that are working in a proactive, rather than reactive manner, the use of plane clothes Police mingling with tourist has worked well in Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera, a measure that has been adopted by countless tourist destinations.

Key to the solution is ensuring that tourists feel safe to return and that resort personnel are visible and trained in a professional manner, able to respond at a minutes notice.

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