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Theresa May calls General Election

Tuesday 18 April 2017

FURTHER reaction to Theresa May announcing a General Election.

Dr Jonathan Swift, Senior Lecturer in International Business & Marketing at the University of Salford Business School said: “Despite critics claiming that she has “done a U turn”, I feel she has announced the election at the most appropriate time, as the likelihood is that she will significantly increase her majority. Just as John Major did in 1992, Theresa May needs her own mandate to gain the political respect of the country; she should be careful, however, as in 1992 the polls predicted a Labour win, so Major’s majority came as a surprise to many commentators.

“If and when she achieves her majority in June, Mrs May should then be able to press ahead with Brexit. As must surely be obvious to people who are interested, the idea of a ‘soft’ versus ‘hard’ Brexit is a red herring. Why should the EU bother to negotiate at all with the UK? The EU leaders have, once again, shown their intransigence and confirmed that the public made the right decision last June. With an increased majority, she should be able to go for a fast exit, and look to new trade deals around the world. After all, there is a big world out there, and the EU only represents a tiny minority of highly-regulated, uncompetitive countries; better to leave and continue trading on “WTO Rules”. With the right sort of majority, this could be achieved.”

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