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Graduate overcomes the odds

Thursday 7 December 2017

A WOMAN who escaped Kurdistan sixteen years ago has just graduated from the University of Salford with a Masters degree and hopes to embark on a career as an accountant.

Dunia Aziz, 27, came over to the UK in the year 2002 to be with her father, who escaped from the country following the violence which took place through much of the 1990s.

Despite suffering from severe asthma and having to look after two young children, Dunia got on with studying and she has just achieved a Merit in MSc International Banking and Finance from the University of Salford Business School.

She attended graduation today (Wednesday, Dec 6) in the Maxwell Hall at the University of Salford. She received her degree with all her family, husband Ahmed, four year old daughter Dena and son Yad, one, who live in Manchester, watching on.

Dunia said: “It has been such a special day for so many reasons. I was so happy when I got my results and saw I had a merit, and to have my children here today as I graduate is amazing.

“It was hard coming over to the UK and trying to learn a new language, but thanks to the support of my husband and family I have achieved my dream.

“Juggling all the demands of my family and the course made things even harder for me. I would be studying in the library in the evenings and weekends and then when I got home late at night I had to cook for the children and look after them.

“I suffered from quite serious asthma attacks for a period while I was studying which meant I was unable to leave the house for quite a long time and in fact I had to stop studying for a while, but it has all worked out in the end and the sacrifice was worth it.

“The course was very good, it will hopefully be helpful for my future career. 

Her tutor Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini paid tribute to her hard work and dedication. 

Dr Dzolkarnaini said: “Despite all the adversity Dunia has gone through in her life she has achieved a wonderful result. She deserves all the success for the amount of hard work she put in to get this degree. I am very proud of her achievement and determination – it’s a real testimony of the role of educational institution in transforming life and offering wider opportunities.”

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