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SuperJuan feels the love for anti-racist stand

Thursday 30 June 2016

SALFORD sport lecturer Juan Jasso has been ‘showered with love’ after an alleged racist attack on a tram in Manchester.

The associate lecturer has received hundreds of messages of support and praise from around the world for his cool handling of alleged abuse for his Latin looks

He is in fact American and has lived in the UK for the past 18 years.

Juan, who is completing his Masters (Res) at the University and  teaches coaching and exercise physiology, asked three passengers to mind their language on a busy carriage where he says children were present.


Despite a reported barrage of abuse, the father-of-one kept his cool and diffused the situation much to the admiration of onlookers, one of whom posted a video online which has gone viral.

He has now hit the headlines internationally after a wave of messages of support from strangers – saying he will reply to every single one!

He told the Manchester Evening News he made a habit of challenging people in public and had approached people before for littering or using bad language.

Juan who is originally from Texas, said: “It has been ridiculous the amount of support and messages coming through on social media.

Why I live here

“I really appreciate it – it’s one of the reasons why I like this country – it’s why I live here.”

The former personal trainer and US soldier is also a rugby league coach.

On Twitter, Tony Fretwell  wrote: ‘Just want to add my support to @jasso28uk today. Part of the #rlfamily We all stand as one against prejudice. Proud of your restraint’

Jamie Ross tweeted: ‘@gunnerpunner @northbanklower @jasso28uk handled himself well on the team. Rest assured not all us Brits are as narrow minded mate.’

And Cheryl Latham tweeted: ‘Lots of love goes out to this guy @jasso28uk for taking a stand today in Manchester. Country is unrecognisable right now #channel4news