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Social Sciences for Dementia, Fondation Mederic Alzheimer, Paris, September 2016

Thursday 22 September 2016

Professor Anthea Innes talks about the recent 3rd French conference on ‘Social Sciences for Dementia’.

"The Fondation Mederic Alzheimer is one of the leading organisations in France campaigning for those living with dementia; commissioning research and evaluation around innovative approaches to dementia practice; disseminating good practice and research innovations; and organising various events such as this event - the 3rd French conference on ‘Social Sciences for Dementia’ organised by Dr Fabrice Gzil, the programme manager for social sciences at the Fondation. 

I was one of 6 international speakers invited to present on one area of work, Rural Dementia Care, that the Fondation has identified as key aspects of dementia in the future. The event was attended by around 250 French participants in an amazing 13th Century building in the Latin Quarter. The format was different to what I am used to – presenting in English, yes, but with translated handouts slides (not available to view during the session) with the resulting discussion in French with a translator trying to paraphrase a very rapid and engaged discussion with French participants. The other international presenters, Fiona Kelly, Dawn Brooker, Kate Irving and Julian Hughes were fellow native English speakers, our Dutch and German colleagues had a three stage linguistic process to navigate to follow the presentations in English  and the discussions in French!

A very interesting experience we all agreed."