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Meet our 'tech-geek' on Planet Earth II

Thursday 8 December 2016

“Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed Planet Earth II last night,” posts the man who filmed some of it - Salford graduate Louis Labrom.

Midlands boy Louis has gone from sales assistant to David Attenborough collaborator since gaining an MA in Wildlife Documentary Production from the University of Salford.

And you can catch up with him in the Diaries segment of this Sunday’s episode.

So what’s it like working on arguable the world’s premier natural history programme?


“It’s just amazing; to work on this brilliant programme – successor 10 years on from Planet Earth – with the legend himself, it’s fantastic. Sir David is the narrator but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times already.

“My role provides all forms of technical support to the six programme teams we have on the production. Day to day role this means testing a lot of new technologies and developing bespoke products on a shoot-by-shoot basis.

After graduating with a distinction, Louis gained a post at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol as a technical assistant looking after the camera equipment, and made his name as a “bit of a tech-geek”.

“Even as a lowly minion at the BBC I was advising the very best cameramen and women in the business and built up some great relationships with these role models,” he says

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His ability to support crews on and off location earned him a cameraman/assistant cameraman and technical coordinator on the greatest show on Earth!

Follow Louis's experience on his Facebook where you can see him in the Masai Mara and elsewhere for Grasslands and Deserts episodes.