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Science Communicator award for Andy


Science Communicator award for Andy

Friday 7 August 2015

PROFESSOR Andy Miah has been honoured with the annual Josh Award for Science Communication.

The Josh Award is so named after Josh Philips, the first science communicator at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, who died in 2006.

It recognises excellence and innovation and is open to anyone to anyone involved in science engagement. Previous winners include Chris Smith from the BBC's Naked Scientists.

Andy, who was named one of the North West’s first Professors of Science Communication by Professor Judith Smith, Dean of Environment and Life Sciences,  said: “This award comes at a wonderful time for me, as I find myself doing a lot more production, commissioning, and staging of science communication activities.

PhD student

“My first forays into science communication were when I was a PhD student and decided I needed to start building websites to communicate my research. I remember hearing that the average academic article is read 6 times and felt there was a lot more we need to do to get our work out there.

“Since then, I have made public communication, engagement, and involvement, a core part of my own research discovery process.

From working with film makers on productions, to developing concepts around theatrical shows, to giving talks at festivals and speaking/writing for the media, communication is core to Andy’s academic work. He recently created and curates the School's pioneering blog/hub to showcase ELS people and successes.

“My new role at University of Salford, along with the wonderful relationships I am developing around Manchester with the likes of MOSI’s Sally McDonald, Natalie Ireland, and Marieke Navin, along with long standing relationships with other creative people in the city, it feels like this year is really going to be a fantastic time for me to have this award and, I hope, make a contribution to the prospects of other science communicators.

“The major thing for me will be the Salford Science Jam, a weekend of science activity taking place at our university building in MediaCity. Keep the 24-25 October free to come to Manchester!!”