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Professor joins ‘Is computer gaming a sport?’ debate on BBC TV


Professor joins ‘Is computer gaming a sport?’ debate on BBC TV

Thursday 15 January 2015

Professor Andy Miah, the University of Salford’s Chair in Science Communication and Future Media, is set to appear on a live, televised debate tonight (Thursday 15 January) at MediaCityUK where panellists will attempt to answer the question ‘Should computer games be considered sports?’

Broadcasting on the BBC red button and BBC Radio 5 Live, viewers can tune into the debate from 8.30 – 10.00pm.

The show promises to have a ‘Top Gear’ feel and those who would like to appear in the live audience are invited to email Professor Miah at

The debate will be hosted by Radio and TV presenter, and Salford alumnus, OJ Borg, with panellists Michael O’Dell, manager of Team Dignitas – one of the world’s largest pro gaming teams, and Jann Mardenborough, a former gamer who now lives out his dreams behind the wheels of a Red Bull F1 cart, set to join Professor Miah.

Gaming as a sport has become a hot topic after a surge in computer games competitions offering huge cash prizes attracted thousands of participants and spectators over the past few years.

The industry is now starting to mirror the world of sport, with star players often having managers who prepare them for the top events.

Professor Miah said: “"It's only a matter of time before computer games are embraced by the world of sport. Already, games are demanding more physical activity from players and sports are using more augmented reality.

“When these two worlds collide, sport will have changed forever!"

The debate can also be viewed on the BBC Sport website and Twitch.