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Knowledge transfer partnerships

Knowledge transfer partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a collaboration between the University of Salford and a company when that company needs academic and graduate expertise to work on short-term projects central to the needs of the business.

Together, we will devise and manage a 12-36 month project, which is of strategic importance to the company, is intellectually challenging and is of business relevance to the academic. A highly skilled graduate known as a KTP Associate is then recruited to deliver the project on a day-to-day basis.

Recent digital KTP projects

The Foundry Ltd is a UK Top-50 design consultancy, involved in the design and development of marketing materials delivered across a range of media including the internet, TV and retail point-of-sale (POS) materials.

Through rigorous software development the KTP provided the focus for upskilling. The Foundry staff and ensuring that future information system developments within the company are scalable, maintainable and robust.


The children’s arm of the BBC, CBeebies aims to deliver content intended specifically for 0-6 year olds across TV, radio and interactive media.

The KTP project was to develop and embed a validated methodology for the assessment of website usability for pre-school children (age 2-5) using eye-tracker technology. The rationale was to help the BBC better evaluate the effectiveness of interactive content for its audiences.

Brook advisory clinic

The Brook Advisory needed to find ways of better engaging boys and young men in the maintenance of their sexual health because they were having difficulty in this area. Targeted digital media was seen as a potential mechanism for this. The aim of the KTP was to develop and implement an evaluation toolkit and a range of new media oriented services to engage boys and young men in the maintenance of their sexual health.

For further information on these case studies, and to learn more about how to set up a KTP please visit our KTP website.