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About MediaCityUK

About MediaCityUK

Where science and creativity collide

We are currently the only University to have a presence at MediaCityUK, with a space designed to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration between academics, students, professionals and industry. 

Located at the heart of six national BBC departments and a mass of independent specialist creative, digital and media organisations - our new location at MediaCityUK opened its doors in October 2011.

Our vision is to create an innovation led academic ecosystem that is transdisicplinary, and nurtures the development of talent for the creative, media and technology economies.

This is a space where science and creativity collide to deliver the big digital ideas of the future – a new world requiring talented people from different disciplines to think and work together.

A clear advantage for students

The location, state-of-the-art facilities and our focus on industrial partnerships give our 1,500 students exceptional opportunities, placing them in prime position for digital and media careers.

  • Over 30 undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught at MediaCityUK
  • Our production suites, studios and digital infrastructure have been informed and specified by industry and future proofed for emerging creative technologies.
  • Our close partnerships with major businesses such as BT and Adobe will inform the development of our courses and research projects – keeping our focus constantly up to date with the real world.
  • Our aim is to have our students working on live briefs (assigned by our business partners) on all MediaCityUK courses. These will be used as a key aspect of our teaching and preparing our students to be professionals.

Real support for businesses

We offer consultancy, professional training and short courses, graduate placements and partnerships – all tailored to the needs of the business we are working with. 

With many examples of how we have worked, and how we continue to work with local, national and international companies such as Adobe, BT and the BBC the University of Salford aims to be a key contributor to the economic growth and efficient two-way flow of knowledge and experience between digital and media industries and higher education.

A place for innovative research

World-leading facilities in our building at MediaCityUK will be used to conduct innovative studies with global partners in industry and academia, placing our research at the vanguard of the new digital era. 

Unique collaborative spaces dedicated to supporting true cross-disciplinary working and established large scale research projects are designed to build research capacity and new forms of collaboration between higher education and businesses in the digital and creative industries sector.

A flexible, original venue

Our building has already been the venue of choice for high profile events, where flexibility, superior facilities and historic, stunning surroundings make it an excellent and original choice.

Visit our venue pages for more details on our spaces for hire.

About MediaCityUK

This is a city designed specifically around the media industry bringing together all the ingredients that make a great place to live, work and visit. It's a fairly broad audience - some of those who will come to MediaCityUK might not even use the word media to describe what they do - but it is expected that MediaCityUK's population will include everyone from TV producers to computer game designers.

The desire is for MediaCityUK to be a genuine community, where collaborative relationships can grow and flourish. It's a concept reflecting the way the industry is moving, as the boundaries between 'new' and 'old' media become increasingly blurred. This is a brave new world which will require talented people from different disciplines to work together - MediaCityUK is a place where this can happen.

  • Shops and restaurants on site include Costa Coffee, Wagamamas and northern supermarket chain Booths
  • Peel Media have invested £500 million in to the development of the area
  • Phase one covers 36 acres
  • A further 200 acres have been earmarked for future development

Peel Media estimate 4,000 to 5,000 people will be working at MediaCityUK in 2012. For more information on this exciting development, visit the MediaCityUK website.