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91% of students who complete UniSkills say it changes the way they approach their studies.

We know that you may have been out of study for a while, and after everything that’s happened this year we want to help you get ahead. Starting university is an exciting time, but the step up to University level study can also be challenging if you have not been to university before, or if you are new to the higher education system in the UK.

UniSkills introduces the academic expectations of studying at the University of Salford, so that you feel ready and confident to achieve your degree. The course is designed to develop your study, research and digital skills through interactive and engaging eLearning content.

Begin by watching this short video introduction to UniSkills.

How is UniSkills organised?

Let's get started

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We suggest you begin with:

Once you have finished this, take a look at the rest of UniSkills.

You may find it helpful to take notes on the content as it's a good habit to get into and will give you something to refer back to if you're asked to take the UniSkills assessments as part of your course.

UniSkills Content

UniSkills Assessments

Your tutors may direct you to complete the UniSkills assessments as part of your programme or you might choose to take them simply to test your knowledge.

The UniSkills assessments are in Blackboard, our Virtual Learning Environment. Once you have registered as a student at the University you will be able to access Blackboard using your University email address and password. Simply click on the link below to enrol on the UniSkills Assessment module and test your knowledge.

We recommend taking notes on the content to help you when taking the assessments, although you can revisit the eLearning at any time.