Salford Digital Experience Insights Survey

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Completing our Digital Experience Insights Survey could see you win a £100 Amazon voucher

Put yourself in the hat to win a £100 Amazon voucher by taking the Salford Digital Experience Insights Survey. Just log into Blackboard (not the app though!), Select Communities from the menu on the left, follow the Digital Insights Survey link and then choose Click here to complete the survey!


Why are we running this Survey?

We're running this survey so we can find out how you feel about our digital environment and the digital technologies we use.

It takes less than ten minutes to complete. The questions will ask you about your digital life, your digital experience at Salford and your attitudes towards digital.

Your answers will allow us to:

  • Find out how you would like digital technologies to be used in learning and teaching.
  • Understand how you use our digital environment and services and how we could improve them.
  • Target resources towards issues that matter to you.
  • Better understand how we can improve your digital skills and employability needs.
  • Work together with you to improve and shape your digital experience.
  • Help you reflect on your own digital experience and highlight areas you may wish to develop further.
  • Contribute to work on improving the campus for when we return post-pandemic.

Just log into Blackboard (not the app though!), Select Communities from the menu on the left, follow the Digital Insights Survey link and then choose Click here to complete the survey!

Complete the survey now!