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Leisure reading

The Library doesn’t just do textbooks. There are lots of reasons to read and our Leisure Reading collection has books to help you relax, take a break from studying, learn something new and inspire you. We have books to help pass your driving test, learn to cook, get fit and test your pet’s IQ. Travel from Manchester and around the UK to Japan, Russia and into outer space with our books, or stay home and put your feet up with a range of fiction and non-fiction titles, including horror, science fiction, crime, graphic novels, biography, sport, music and more.

Reading for pleasure for just 10 minutes boosts your mood, helps you deal with stress and can improve your study skills, too, so why not pick up a book from Leisure Reading and try something different?

You can borrow any of the books as normal – find them on the ground floor of Clifford Whitworth Library – and feel free to let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to add to the collection. Send ‘Leisure Reading’ requests to

New this year

No time to read? Pick up one of our Quick Reads – books you can finish in one sitting.

Books on Prescription - tried and tested books to help you manage your wellbeing dealing with common problems such as depression and low mood, anxiety, stress and sleep problems.

Reasons to read

  • Reading for pleasure is the best way to relax and reduce stress – better than going for a walk or listening to music (Mindlab international, 2015)
  • Adults who read regularly say that it is associated with enhanced wellbeing, improved mood and increased social interaction (Billington, 2015)
  • Reading for pleasure is associated with increased academic attainment (Sullivan & Brown, 2013)

Leisure Reading in the main collection

Reading outside your subject area can help improve your academic study skills. Find your way around the main library collection and expand your horizons:

000 Computer science, information & general works
100 Philosophy & psychology
200 Religion
300 Social sciences
400 Language
500 Science
600 Technology
700 Arts & recreation
800 Literature
900 History & geography

Reading in Salford

Salford community libraries are free to join. Explore what’s available.