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Steel Sections Blue Book

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Produced by the Steel Construction Institute on behalf of Steel for Life, this comprehensive web-hosted resource includes design information in accordance with both the Eurocodes and BS 5950. It provides design data for the full range of both open sections and hollow sections (both hot-finished and cold-formed), and will not require any software to be installed on a host computer.

Design data is provided for

  • Universal beams, universal columns, bearing piles and parallel flange channels to BS EN 10365
  • Structural tees (cut from either universal beams or universal columns) to BS 4-1
  • Equal and unequal angles to BS EN 10056
  • Hot-finished structural hollow sections to BS EN 10210-2
  • Cold-formed structural hollow sections to BS EN 10219-2


Architecture and Architectural Design & Technology; Building Surveying; Civil Engineering; Construction