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Network username and password required.


A searchable collection of more than 10,000 electronic books covering all subject areas.


There is some help available on dawsonera itself, and there is information on reading e-Books online on the Library Search blog

In general to read e-Books, you will need:

  • to have access to the internet to access e-Books, although you can also download some e-Books for offline reading
  • an up-to-date internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox
e-Books from DawsonEra can be downloaded for up to three days onto a PC, Mac, laptop, Android or iOS device.
  • Adobe Reader sends information back to Dawson when you access a downloaded item, so you must still have an internet connection to use downloaded DawsonEra books
  • You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to read downloaded DawsonEra books
  • There are specific instructions for downloading to Android and iOS devices
  • These e-Books cannot be downloaded onto a Kindle or onto a Windows RT device, such as the Microsoft Surface 1 or 2.


Accounting; Acoustics; Advertising; Aeronautical Engineering; Animation; Architecture and Architectural Design & Technology; Art; Audio and Video Technology; Banking; Biosciences; Broadcasting; Building Surveying; Business; Civil Engineering; Computer and Video Games; Computer Science; Construction; Contemporary History; Dance; Data Communications; Dental Implantology; Design; Economics; English; Environmental and Occupational Health/Management; Events Management; Fashion; Film Studies; Finance; Gas and Petroleum Engineering; Geography and Environment; Global Management; Heritage; Hospitality; Housing and Regeneration; HRM; Information Systems and Technology; International Business; Islamic Banking; Journalism; Languages; Leisure; Literature; Management; Marketing; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Media; Music; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Performance; Photography; Physics; Physiotherapy; Podiatry; Politics; Project Management; Prosthetics and Orthotics; Psychology; Psycho-oncology; Public Health; Quantity Surveying; Radiography; Real Estate and Property Management; Robotics and Automation; Scriptwriting; Sport; Supply Chain Management; Trauma and Orthopaedics; TV and Radio; Fine Art; Wildlife and Zoology