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Library standards

Services: We provide you with a range of services designed to make your life easier, including reading lists and library search designed to help you find the resources you need. Access our self service facilities to check out resources and laptops and check your library account online.

Standard   Update
Printing, photocopying and scanning services will be available during Library opening hours. We exceeded our target, with 99% availability of our printing service over the quarter.
We will endeavour to have Library systems available 99% of the time, excluding scheduled down time. We exceeded our target, with 99.5% availability of our printing service over the quarter. There was one minor outage of our institutional repository (USIR) in January.
The percentage of laptops unavailable because they are being repaired will be 5% or less. The new fleet of laptops at the Clifford Whitworth Library are performing well, and we met our target this quarter.
Self service facilities (for the issue and return of library books) will be available for 99% of staffed hours in which library is staffed by library staff. The availability of the self service kiosks exceeded the 99% target to remain available 100% of the time, including unstaffed hours.
We will respond to customer feedback cards within ten working days. We underachieved our target this quarter whilst we completed work on the LDP. As a result, our responses to comments have not been as timely as we'd like. We will work to improve this during Quarter 3.
We actively seek comments from our customers on the quality of our service. We've held focus groups and provided 'graffiti boards' for you to record your impressions of our newly refurbished spaces. We'll be taking into account what you like, and what you'd like more of, when we start the final phase of the Library Development Project in June.

Space: We provide libraries, learning spaces and PC suites around the University to enable you to study in the environment you want when you want.

Standard   Update
We meet advertised opening service hours unless there is planned maintenance or training. Planned closure will be advertised at least 7 days before. We underachieved our target as the Clifford Whitworth Library was closed for 8 hours in Q2 following the discovery of a fault with the fire alarm during non-peak time.
We will carry out daily checks of all the library spaces to ensure that they provide a pleasant, comfortable and safe learning environment to work and study in. 100% of daily checks took place throughout the quarter.

Stock: We provide you with access to physical and electronic books, journals and learning materials to support your course of study or research.

Standard   Update
90% of returned books will be back on our shelves within 24 hours. 97% of our books were back on the shelves 24 hours after being returned to the Library.
We will order at least 90% of new book and article requests within two working days. We underachieved our target this quarter and will be streamlining our workflows so that we achieve our 90% target in the future.
90% of new books will be available to students within three working days of receipt from supplier. We under achieved our target taking an average of five days to get books onto the shelves following receipt from the supplier. Performance has improved towards the end of Q2, and processes are being reviewed to ensure this continues to improve in Q3.
Reservation items will be available for collection within 24 hours of being returned to The Library. 100% of returned books requested by other borrowers were available for collection within 24 hours, exceeding our target.

Support: Our teams work with you to help you achieve your potential and get the most out of the stock, service and spaces we provide. From referencing your essay to tracking down obscure articles, on and off campus we’re here to help you.

Standard   Update
Information Support Assistants will achieve 90% customer satisfaction when dealing with customer enquiries. Whilst we didn't quite achieve our target, 86% of comments on Enquiry Desk staff were positive or complimentary.
Information Support Assistants will resolve 90% of enquiries received, referring the other 10% to the appropriate colleagues. Information Support Assistants resolved 95% of the enquiries received this quarter, exceeding our target. The remaining 5% were referred to colleagues within and outside of the Library as appropriate.
Students who undertake the Library's information literacy program indicate a high/very high degree of satisfaction - target 90%. You told us that you were very satisfied with our information literacy support, as our sessions achieved a 94% satisfaction rate.
You should not have to queue for any longer than five minutes at the main Enquiry Desk. We exceeded our target, as Duty Supervisors are now monitoring queue length and assisting desk staff when appropriate.
You should not have to wait any longer than one minute for a web chat. The average chat wait was 29 seconds. Whilst we are still just short of the target this quarter, we've been dedicating more staff to our roving service to provide additional support to students in our newly refurbished Library spaces.
Text-a-rover service will be available between 9.00am and midnight (term-time and Easter vacation); 9.00am and 5.00pm (summer vacation). The service has been available throughout this quarter.