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Protecting You and the University

Compliance training is often seen as something we have to do rather than want to do. Whilst we are legally required to ensure that colleagues are aware of the compliance requirements of their roles, much of our training is centred on protection. Protection of ourselves, our students and our University. It's not just about putting a tick in the box and saying it's been done, it's about truly understanding what is expected of us individually and collectively to provide a safe and secure working and learning environment for all.

At the University there are 5 areas of compliance training that we ask all Colleagues to complete as part of their Induction to working here. They are:

    • Diversity in The Workplace- An introduction to Equality and Diversity in the workplace.
    • Health and Safety - An introduction to health and safety at the University and your role in helping to maintain a healthy and safe environment.
    • The Bribery Act - An outline of your responsibilities and how to comply with the law.
    • GDPR and Information Security - This relates to the holding and processing of personal data and your responsibilities in keeping personal information secure at the University
    • Inclusive, Cohesive and Safe HE Campuses - This Covers our role in fulfilling our Prevent Duty requirements to ensure we address any issues concerning radicalisation and provide an inclusive and safe working and learning environment for all.

They are available through the Welcome and Orientation section on Blackboard for new colleagues, the new staff tab at the top of the page or directly through our e-learning portal for existing staff members.

Please note that if you are accessing through Blackboard then you will be required to log in using your University systems log in and password.

If you are accessing them through the e-learning portal you will need to log in using your university e-mail address and password.

You will also find other learning materials within the blackboard site and e-learning portal covering subjects like Safeguarding, Home Office Visa Compliance (UKVI), Unconscious Bias that may also be of interest to you and may form part of the compliance requirements for your specific role.


It's all well and good being told that compliance is important but what happens when things go wrong? We've pulled together just a few examples of what can happen when individuals or organisations fail.

Cabinet Files -  The Guardian

Lost National Archives -

Discrimination at work - The guardian (a selection of discrimination articles)

Gender Descrimination -


Take a look at this short video that explains compliance in simple terms. Whilst the setting may not be a University, consider how the messages contained within it could be transferred in to an HE context.


As we've already pointed out there are a host of e-learning modules that cover this area available through the section for new starters or directly through e-learning portal.

Look out for the regular news items that come through the internal communications team via the staff channel for any important updates.

Also keep an eye out for University wide events that take place from time to time.

If you have a specific area of interest, why not contact one of the teams responsible for that area and see how you can become involved in future events and activities they provide.