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Funding & Qualifications

Funding & Qualifications

Accredit your learning and gain specialist and transferable skills. There are a variety of ways that we support staff to gain qualifications - as staff are the heart of our business.

This page contains information about central funding opportunities for staff.

Employee Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Funding for Employees

Our internal employee Apprenticeship programmes are open to existing employees who wish to expand their current skills and knowledge base and apply to learn and develop in a different way.

An apprenticeship is a work-based learning route to gain a qualification and an appropriate solution where someone has a sizeable gap in skill and knowledge. Following recent reforms a wider range of subjects is now  available than the traditionally associated trades. Apprenticeships can be studied by people of any age with a more flexibile criteria for study. Employees can stay in their existing role and opt to do a fully funded higher  level qualification as an apprenticeship, getting time out of their role to do so.

To qualify for funding, specific criteria which must be met, most significantly a minimum of 20% of working time must be spent in training or learning  activity.  

We are pleased to announce that we offer apprenticeships to existing employees in the following subjects;

These qualifications are delivered internally through Salford Business School and are fully funded.

In addition the Unified Science Schools are also delivering the following

  • The closing date for applications is 1st April 2019 for June 2019 entry and 12th July 2019 for September 2019 entry.

If you are interested in undertaking an apprenticeship, please read the guidance documents below before completing the Expression of Interest and Approval Form and submitting to

Employee Apprenticeship Guidance Document

Employee Apprenticeship Line Manager Guidance Document

Expression of Interest and Approval Form

For advice on the content of apprenticeships and how apprenticeships work, please contact the Apprenticeship Office

For advice on HR matters relating to undertaking an apprenticeship, please contact

Professional Accredited Learning Fund (PAL Fund) - Professional and Administrative Staff 

The University's central Professional Accredited Learning (PAL) fund has now been dissolved following an internal review.

This means that part-funding for existing or future professional accredited learning programmes can no longer be drawn down from a central University fund. We are now asking that any existing or future professional accredited learning courses are fully funded through Schools’ or Professional Services’ local training budgets, alongside all other relevant learning and development activity.

Personal and Professional development remains of paramount importance to ensure we continue to deliver the University’s ambitions.  Here are some ways you can continue to gain development support.

  1. Visit the learning and development portal which provides lots of ways to develop behaviours, skills and competence
  2. Every school and professional service department has its own learning and development budget, you can speak to your line manager about accessing this. 
  3. Shadowing, mentoring, secondment, and getting involved in projects or stretching pieces of work are all examples of ways you can maximise your personal development. Speak to your manager and colleagues about the most appropriate course of action for you.